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Dentist Red Bank Dr Arkady Khaykin

Meet Dr. Arkady Khaykin

Dr. Arkady Khaykin is a general dentist who grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey. Growing up, Dr. Khaykin was exposed to dentistry from a young age. His father, Alexander, is also a general dentist who still practices in New York City. Shadowing his father and wanting to work in the health professions paved the way for Dr. Khaykin to pursue dentistry. After graduating high school, Dr. Khaykin enrolled at Rutgers University, obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biomedical sciences/biology. Upon finishing at Rutgers University, Dr. Khaykin enrolled at NYU College of Dentistry and graduated in 2017. Furthermore, Dr. Khaykin continued his dental training at Monmouth Medical Center by completing a one-year general practice residency.

Dr. Khaykin believes in upholding the highest standard of care for all his patients. Along with his wife, Dr. Anora Isayeva, both are constantly participating in continuing education courses. Dr. Khaykin is a graduate of the AAID Maxicourse, a one-year implant education program that taught Dr. Khaykin the fundamentals of placing and restoring dental implants. Additionally, he is enrolled in the Clinical Mastery Series, a continuum that teaches dentists full mouth rehabilitation. In 2022, Dr. Khaykin was inducted as a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry; a distinction only 6 % of US Dentists hold.

Dentist Red Bank Dr Anora Isayeva

Meet Dr. Anora Isayeva

Growing up, Dr. Anora Isayeva was always a true New Yorker at heart. Until she met Dr. Khaykin, who introduced her to New Jersey. Dr. Isayeva grew up in New York City, where she attended Hunter College; she received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Dr. Isayeva met Dr. Khaykin through a mutual friend as she completed her sophomore year of college while Dr. Khaykin was applying to NYU College of Dentistry. They shared the same passion for dentistry, and fast forward a year, and they had both been enrolled in NYU College of Dentistry together.  Upon completing her dental degree, Dr. Isayeva had to decide whether she wished to pursue a residency in NY or NJ. After hearing stellar reviews about Dr. Khaykin’s general practice residency at Monmouth Medical Center, Dr. Isayeva decided to visit this program. She quickly fell for the multifaceted program, where Dr. Khaykin and Dr. Isayeva finally moved to NJ upon her acceptance. As she familiarized herself with exploring the many towns of NJ, Dr. Isayeva gravitated towards Red Bank because it offered a little piece of NYC while still staying true to its NJ roots. Naturally, when Dr. Khaykin and Dr. Isayeva stumbled on this practice, they knew it was their place.

Dr. Isayeva was first introduced to the world of cosmetic dentistry while enrolling at NYU College of Dentistry. As her fascination for cosmetic dentistry grew, Dr. Isayeva began immersing herself in more cosmetic cases. She was even enrolled in the Honors Aesthetics course at NYUCD. Furthermore, Dr. Isayeva was the President of the Aesthetics Society at NYUCD, where she had a plethora of hands-on experience and the opportunity to come across many mentors from whom she absorbed vast knowledge.